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Landscaping is a real talent. Identification of sunlight, soil conditions, clients needs, impact on the environment; fences or lack there of, lighting, patio stones and the list goes on and on.... Having lived as long as I have, gardens and Landscapers have just been apart of my life.... had never really been totally thrilled in the past with the results in year two. Every garden looks great when first planted but the second year onward really tells the true store of proper planning and landscape talent. This all changed when I hired Mondo Landscaping. Their knowledge and skill surpass any one including the big three that are out there. Year two, my garden looked better than year one; year three comes along and I am over the moon with excitement. Can’t wait until next spring. This team knows what a Client’s expectations are, as they really get to know you and ask all the right questions! I am thrilled to death with their Landscaping, Foundation Stone work, Lighting and their continued service when asked year after year. Personally, they are in the “22nd Century”, working magic for my gardening needs, with their forward thinking, modern classic arrangements, lighting that will outshine your wildest dream and the ability to do it all for a very reasonable fee. I hardly recommend this Group! You will not be disappointed with this Family run and operated business. Happy Client

Lesley Weeks

We contacted Carlo at Mondo Landscapes to see if he could take on fixing up our unusable backyard. We had 2 main issues: we had replaced our mud pit a couple years ago with pea gravel, but were NOT happy with it anymore, and wanted to finally get decent sod in place. Also, we had interlock done but the original installer never put in a proper border there. Carlo was able to come over quickly, do his assessment, talk with us about what we wanted, what our options were, and how he was going to achieve what we needed. He is very communicative, via phone and email, and emailed us a detailed quote very quickly. He even researched different sod options for us b/c we do have 2 dogs and we asked about different available varieties. On the day the work was done, the team was VERY professional, everything went exactly according to plan, and they left us with clear care and use instructions to ensure that our sod takes good root and we will be happy with it long into the future. We're already trying to think of other projects the Mondo team could do for us in the upcoming years!

Soren (Meadowvale, Mississauga)

Just a quick note to thank you for all your help, hard work and patience during our front porch project! As you found out, we are quite “particular” in what we were looking for and your plan to use local sand-stone was genius. Being able to go to Boulders Stone Supply and actually see the stone variations and pick out the exact color patterning was amazing and we were quickly able to visualize the end result. The layout, colouring and workmanship was fantastic! Your finishing touch with the hand chiseled outside edges makes all the difference. The transformation from our old, tired looking porch is awesome! Thanks again Carlo for your excellent service – will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs a true professional for their landscaping work.

Sue and Mike Simpson Smith

Professional. Reliable. Friendly.! Those words always come to mind when we think of Mondo Landscaping. Having used them for years to maintain our property, we can’t think of a single instance that would give us hesitation to recommend them. How often can anyone say that about another contractor? Our property always looks great thanks to the outstanding work that Mondo provides. Thank you!!

Kevin Graff

If you are looking for a Landscaping company to listen to your needs and dreams, give excellent value, creativity and quality work then Mondo Landscaping is for you. Carlo's integrity and work ethic make him and his team a pleasure to work with.

Katie Reynolds

Over the past summer and early spring we have had our whole property re-landscaped by Mondo Landscapes. Putting trust into your landscaper is like putting trust in your doctor. Carlo asked us what we had in mind, we gave him a small outline, after that we left it in their hands. When your neighbours stop and remark how nice your front property looks, you really feel you have done the right thing. So that right thing led into having the side and back yard re-landscaped. We have always loved our home and are proud of it, having Carlo, Andrew and his crew just made it a whole lot nicer. Thanks Carlo for a job well done and done on time.

Dutch and Barb Holland (Lorne Park)

To those considering having Carlo and his guys at Mondo Landscapes do work around your home: Carlo and his employees at Mondo Landscape do remarkable work. Every job they have done on my property has been completed with care, and on time. I have had Carlo do property projects ranging from the very small to the very large and in all scopes of outdoor work. Each job was completed to my satisfaction. Carlo always conveys professionalism prior, during and after the jobs are completed. Carlo is always open to sharing his innovative ideas and suggestions, but leaves the final decision to the homeowner (very refreshing). I highly recommend that you give Carlo a try regarding indoor or outdoor projects.

Paul Bandiera
Mondo Landscapes, Inc.
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