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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls not only serve a structural purpose that can protect your property, they can also increase the size of your usable land and look great doing it. The walls can be built from machine-cut, interlocking blocks or with natural stone. The wall can include steps, be sloped and there’s often more below the surface than meets the eye.

Design is important

Retaining walls come in a range of designs and can be built from multiple materials, but it is important that load-bearing retaining walls be designed and installed by professionals in order to avoid erosion or the potential of collapse with weather changes and time. Stones can be held together by material such as mortar or simply by gravity, depending on the situation, but those types of important, structural decisions should be made with an experienced professional.

Increase your yard space

Especially when a yard has elevation changes throughout, retaining walls can be used to increase your yard space and level out your land to allow for more usage. Retaining walls, in a nut shell, are structures designed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes.


Retaining walls can serve a variety of functions. Retaining walls come in all sizes and are made for a variety of usages. While looking impressive, retaining walls can house a garden, provide a raised living space and even have integrated steps built in so they don’t interrupt your own movement around your property.

Strong, durable and beautiful

Retaining walls are sometimes described as rock gardens because, when properly installed, they add a natural, eye-catching splendor to a landscape. However, they also serve a purpose. Retaining walls add structural support and hold back earth. They are attractive, durable and functional when properly designed and installed by a professional.

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