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Interlocking stone is a long-lasting, machine-cut concrete or brick product that comes in a variety of shapes and shades. It can be used to fill just about any landscaping need, from walkways and patios to entire driveways. Sometimes called flag stone, stepping stone, paving stone or pavers, interlocking stone is cut to form a simple puzzle and, while it is easy to install, experts agree that it remains a job for professionals to ensure it is evenly laid, locked tight and won’t sink with time.

Wide variety of styles and colours to choose from

Interlocking stone comes in a seemingly unending array of colours and styles. This gives property owners plenty of options when deciding which look is best for them. Some interlocking stones are colourful and the installation requires careful planning to ensure the end result is aesthetically gratifying. Some interlock allows for curved or even circular patios that have multiple levels. Other interlocking products might be best suited for driveways or providing a clean edge to other finish work such as asphalt or gardens.

Increases outdoor living space

Professionally designed patios can make a backyard feel even bigger, by creating a natural-looking paradise. With interlocked stone, it is possible to add steps to raised patios that have incorporated walls and seating. Interlocking stone provides long-lasting durability and the flexibility for full-scale customization.

Interlocking stone boarders add beauty, size

Interlocking stones can be used to trim any type of driveway, thereby increasing not only its width, but also its aesthetic appeal. This technique, which can be done with any shade, shape or colour of interlocking stone, can also be used on walkways or patios. Trimming driveways with interlocked stone boarders can easily leave enough room for an extra car and, at the same time, the addition really stands out to the eye. Boarders can also be raised to add texture and definition to a space.

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