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Fire Pits

Nothing says relaxation like sitting by a fire. A backyard fire pit is a great place to unwind at the end of the day. It is warm, cozy and inviting. For some, it is almost hypnotizing. Imagine sitting around the fire with your spouse, family or friends and enjoying the evening air without the attention-grabbing television or computer nearby. You can just chat and enjoy each other by the fire. It is a great conversation centerpiece.

Gas or wood burning

Fire pits can be built in or above ground and be wood or gas burning. Crafted from natural stone or interlocking blocks, fire pits can still have that familiar, rustic beauty while allowing for the more modern option of burning gas rather than wood. Yet, many people prefer the crackly pops of burning timber and who can blame them? The scents bring back memories of camping trips and cozy nights while you chat with loved ones and friends about times gone and times to come.

Safe and fun for all ages

While creating a space within in a space that breaks up the backyard, fire pits are safe and fun for all ages. When built by professionals, a fire pit will not allow the fire to stray and, instead, it will properly direct heat and smoke to create that comfortable, inviting atmosphere you need to relax.

Variety of designs

A fire pit is functional, but also beautiful. Fire pits can have a sharply angled, modern look. Some are square or perfectly round with gas-fueled flames burning cleanly in the middle. Other fire pits can bring us back in time with an ancient feel, such as a simple, natural-stone ring to gather around.


Regardless of the design that works best for you property, there is no doubt that it will become a showpiece when people come to visit as fire pits, no matter their shape or size, are a wonderful addition to any backyard.

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