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Don’t let a damp yard ruin your spring, summer, or fall. Water is not supposed to just sit there, wetting your feet and pant cuffs. Certainly you don’t want water gathering around your home’s foundation, deck, or patio as it can cause serious damage. This is why proper grading and other techniques are vital to both keep your backyard usable and protect your property.

Property protection

Sitting water can cause a number of problems. Sometimes it just means your kids can’t play in the backyard without mudding up their clothes. Or the problem could be more serious, such as eroding your home’s foundation or seeping into your basement. Big or small, these are preventable problems and it essential that you take action to protect your property.

Keep water moving

Certainly, drainage should be considered when designing any property, but if your backyard is retaining water, there can be a number of contributing factors playing a role. For example, the water table might be high in your area or the soil is particularly dense. Regardless of the reason, it is important to find a solution and that solution is to keep water moving away from your property.

Designing your drainage solution

The first step is to have an expert designer analyze the nature of your yard, find where the problems are and come up with the best solution. That solution may be as simple as changing the grade of your land — angling the ground so water follows gravity away from your property. A more aggressive solution might be to install underground pipes that redirect water. Finally, a combination of solutions might be needed.

No matter what the solution is, our team will find it as our professionals have years of experience and training.

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